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PerHead Software | $3 Leading payperhead software bookie for sportsbooks. Set up your own online Pay Per Head PPH Casino for Sports Agents.

-Fast Grading
-+$1 Million Infraestructure
-Full Security for DDoS Attacks
Internal Private Messaging System (player-agent-office) (skip 3rd party emailing)
Sports Betting for Internet Players
Full Sportsbook Set Up
Full Track Horsebook Around The Globe with the best provider in the market
24/7/365 Phone Support for Agents & Players TOTALLY FREE
Minute by minute steam & injury reports
Servers OffShore (Not in USA)
Pro Live Wagering (Top Global Providers)(FREE)
Digital Casinos (FREE)
Mobile Casinos (FREE)
24×7 Live Casino Dealers (FREE)
-State Lottery From 25+ States (FREE)
-Live streaming UFC Fights (FREE)
-Live streaming NFL Games (FREE)
Live streaming Horse Racing (FREE)
Private Live Chat Office-Agents 24/7/365 (FREE)
Full Score Reporting (FREE)
Pro In-House Live Wagering (FREE)
Virtual Sports/Games: NFL, NBA and Soccer (FREE)

Bookmakers provide a pay perhead software service where they offer free betting software to their clients and the bookmaker runs their service the same way a more prominent sportsbook would, providing betting software, making payments to winning clients, and collecting from losing customers.

Many individual companies use DGS and ASI software as well as some PPH sportsbook companies use their own proprietary software.

Organizations with their software can integrate third-party platforms, often provide more robust security, and add things like a racebook or 3D gaming option to their product list.

Proprietary software also allows agents to use reseller tools. By doing so, agents super-charge their bookie businesses by becoming master agents.

A master agent resells their sportsbook to sub-agents. Most of the time, a master agent uses a company with proprietary software to create a custom domain.

The master agent then resells the domain to sub-agents. Sub-agents don’t always wish to run an individual sportsbook due to cost and their client base. Many subs must cut costs because they provide online bookie software to ten clients or less.

Some master agents have become so adept at signing subs that they’ve created Reddit sportsbooks that they promote daily. Agents at that level have created companies that rival much bigger sportsbook companies.


PayPerHead Software


Pay Per Head Software / per head bookie software to set up an online PPH Sportsbook, Casino site easy. Best Bettting Bookies (855) 256-0721

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